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Business Meeting

Shearer Elite Management is a brand new Football Intermediary business that prides itself on looking after and providing the best possible opportunities and support for all their clients amidst the excitement of the world’s greatest game.  Whether that’s an exciting Academy product with their future ahead of them, an established professional or a player looking for that progression to re-ignite their career, our drive and positive approach is the same.


Our relationship with clubs, players and other Intermediaries around the world is based on the promotion and safeguarding of high ethical standards particularly in honesty, respect, trust and integrity. Shearer Elite Management is aiming to become one of the lead services in the game in what we can offer.


Shearer Elite Management work very closely with other organisations, clubs and experienced Football Intermediaries on a Global basis including working with the Intermediaries of current Premier League players to improve your options and make your journey exciting, rewarding and fulfilling.


Having an extensive background in the game and a clear understanding of the individual demands and requirements and how they will differ from club to club and player to player, it is our mission to work with all our clients on a personal basis with our passion and enthusiasm to maximise potential, achieve desired goals and fulfill ambition.

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